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Tom Qiao in Chiang Mai

Hey, I'm Tom - the founder of Flexibility Is Freedom - pleased to meet 'cha! 😀

I used to work 9-5 (okay, more like 9-9) as an investment analyst for a major pension plan. As an undergraduate business student, it was literally a dream come true!

So why did I quit my career and become a passive income entrepreneur? 🤔

Well, I had many reasons (5, to be precise) but it boiled down to this: I realized that while my bank account was going up, my "time" account was slowly ticking away. 🕒

It dawned upon me the irony of trading the best years of my life for money, only to end up (attempting) to trade that money back for a taste of youth again (the "midlife" crisis).

That's why I became a passive income entrepreneur - to build brandable businesses and acquire long-term assets that generate passive to semi-passive income. 📈

Latest Income Reports

May 2019

Hey there, thanks for joining me at Flexibility is Freedom! This month, my authority site (The Derm Detective) started to heat up. Traffic and revenue both increased >40% month-over-month (MoM). In this post, I'll review my business results along with 3 additional topics: Featured Snippets: The Best Way to Beat High Domain Authority Competitors Content […]

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April 2019

“April showers bring May flowers.” Despite the cold and gloomy weather, I've been feeling a sense of renewed energy! Spring is the season of growth and that's the key theme of this month's review. When I first started this business, I described passive income as "planting trees" in an apple orchard. It's the idea that […]

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March 2019

Thanks for tuning in to Flexibility is Freedom! This month, I earned a little pocket change from Amazon Associates which was quite motivating. I also have some preliminary data now on this business model and I discuss my findings (and an illustrative example) in the section on Key Metrics. But first, I'll recap my progress […]

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February 2019

Winter, winter, and more winter - what else is new? Actually, there is something new - I made my first commission on Amazon Associates! Amazon Giveth... On Feb 15th, I earned my first ever commission on Amazon Associates. #Proud It's not much (not even a cup of coffee), but it was earned passively. Since then, […]

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January 2019

In this month's review, I discuss: Keyword ranking My 1st link building campaign Content creation Facebook fan page Keyword Ranking My authority site The Derm Detective has been up for 3 months now (28 articles completed). So how's the progress? Well, it's been pretty decent. I was pleased to see a handful of my pages ranking […]

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December 2018

Happy new year! Wherever you are, I hope you're spending this special time with family, friends, and loved ones. Time, above all else, is our most treasured gift. 2018 was a transformational year for me. I celebrated a quarter-century of existence (and intend to live a full century). I ended my longest-standing relationship and my […]

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November 2018

Welcome to another monthly review at Flexibility is Freedom! I've decided to break this post into two sections: Part 1 is a collection of my thoughts on affiliate marketing Part 2 is a major update on my business venture UPDATE: Part 1 is now a separate blog post. Part 2: Business Update This month, I […]

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October 2018

Welcome back to another monthly review at Flexibility is Freedom! October was a very productive month and I have lots of updates to share with you. But first, I want to go back in time a little... (don't we all sometimes?) A Flash from the Past Back in 2012, I created my first ever blog, […]

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September 2018

September was an exciting month for my business. In this post, I'll share an update on my activities and what's next for this venture. Read on! Update on Business Strategy Last month, I published a step-by-step plan to generate traffic by targeting low-competition keywords in my niche (acne scars). This month, I started the writing […]

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