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Next Steps 2022-2023

Welcome back to Flexibility Is Freedom! 😎 Today, I'm extremely excited to present my next steps 2022-2023 plan - a comprehensive outline of my vision, goals, strategy, tactics, and timeline for the next 18-20 months. My original next steps 2019 blog post was (and continues to be) a fundamental fulcrum for both my personal journey […]

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Content Templates

This next section covers my content "template" strategy. What I'm about to discuss will contradict a lot of traditional SEO advice and SEO gurus. These are my own independent opinions based on my personal experience. Ready? So you often hear in SEO that "content is king". That if you create "amazing content", you'll be on […]

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Featured Snippets

Back in May 2019, I started looking into featured snippets. It all started when I noticed one of my "Best X for Y" articles was ranking on page 1. I could hardly contain my excitement when I typed in the target keyword into Google and found my site sitting pretty in the featured snippet section. […]

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The Dark Side of Affiliate Marketing

For the last few months, I've been analyzing the Internet through the lens of an affiliate marketer. And it's been absolutely fascinating. As I peel away the layers of this onion, I realize how little I understand about the Internet. In Google We Trust: All Others Pay Cash Let me explain what I mean. What […]

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My SEO Plan

Here's my step-by-step plan to generate traffic, inspired by a great tutorial by Sam Oh at Ahrefs. The goal is to get onto the first page of Google. 1. Identify Low-Competition Keywords Last month, I mentioned some free SEO tools like Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere. This month, I took advantage of the 7-day trial at Ahrefs […]

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