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My Story

Tom Qiao in Chiang Mai

Hey, I'm Tom Qiao - the founder of Flexibility Is Freedom - pleased to meet 'cha! 😀

I used to work 9-5 (okay, more like 9-9) as an investment analyst for a major pension plan. As an undergraduate business student, it was literally a dream come true!

So why did I quit my career and become a passive income entrepreneur? 🤔

Well, I had many reasons (5, to be precise) but it boiled down to this: I realized that while my bank account was going up, my "time" account was slowly ticking away. 🕒

It dawned upon me the irony of trading the best years of my life for money, only to end up (attempting) to trade that money back for a taste of youth again (the "midlife" crisis).

That's why I became a passive income entrepreneur - to build brandable businesses and acquire long-term assets that generate passive to semi-passive income. 📈

My Mission

My current mission is to build $5-10K of income from a portfolio of content websites by age 30 (around 2023). This will cover my living expenses while providing excess cash flow for personal savings and investment into new business ventures.

Since 2018, I've been building my first series of content websites - monetized primarily with affiliate marketing and to a lesser extent, display ads.

My main website is, a science-based skincare brand that was inspired by my personal experience with skin problems while growing up.

Since inception, has received 250K+ pageviews across 180K+ users and has appeared 2.4M+ times in Google and 1.4M+ times in Google Images.

Since 2021, I've started working on additional content websites as well.

For more information, check out my Income Reports where I provide "behind-the-scenes" access to my business, including my strategies for SEO, content writing, and more!

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Latest Income Reports

June 2020

A warm welcome back to Flexibility Is Freedom! This last month closed out a very turbulent and tumultuous H1 for my passive income business (although I suppose you can say that about every business in the world now). Here's a quick summary of H1 business performance in a nutshell: Here's a quick discussion of these […]

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May 2020

Welcome back to Flexibility Is Freedom! Once again, I hope you are staying healthy and staying safe. The days don't seem to get any easier this year for most people around the world. But what I have found is that every day is an opportunity to be grateful for what we do have and for […]

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April 2020

April was very much a bittersweet month. On the one hand, traffic and revenue for grew substantially by 43% and 85% month-over-month to 13,000+ sessions and over $1,100, respectively. Revenue has now exceeded my baseline H1 goal of $1,000 per month. On the other hand, Amazon affiliates got crushed on April 21st by a […]

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March 2020

It's hard to imagine that only a few months ago, the world was completely different. Back in November, I was travelling in Thailand: staying at hostels and mingling with locals at crowded street markets. I even attended an 800+ person SEO conference in Chiang Mai. These kinds of activities seem unimaginable today (and are increasingly […]

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February 2020

In February, the coronavirus (named COVID-19 by WHO) continued to spread around the world, resulting in more deaths and infections, and caused a global stock market meltdown (the worst week for US stock indices since the financial crisis in 2008). Looking back, I'm glad that I cancelled my travel plans in Southeast Asia as this […]

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January 2020

*Pictured above: Spectacular views from my trip to the central city of Chongqing, China! I don't know about you, but it seems like 2020 will be a year for the history books. Already, we've started off with a flurry of global events: Iran shoots down a passenger plane due to "human error", killing 176 people […]

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December 2019

*Note: I apologize for the late post this month as I was in Chongqing and Chengdu in Sichuan, China during the first week of 2020 (currently recovering from all the spicy food!!! 🌶️🌶️🌶️)* Dear Valued Reader, Happy New Year and Happy New Decade! 🎉🎉🎉 I sincerely hope that you had a great holiday, however you […]

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November 2019

Welcome to Flexibility Is Freedom! Every month on this blog, I discuss my experiences in affiliate marketing and SEO. I'll show you what's working, what isn't, and share my plans for world domination. This month, I had a blast at the Chiang Mai SEO Conference 2019 and met a ton of people, including fellow SEOs, […]

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October 2019

Welcome to Flexibility Is Freedom! Every month on this blog, I discuss my experiences in affiliate marketing and SEO. I'll show you what's working, what isn't, and share my plans for world domination. This month, I'm in Chiang Mai ahead of the Chiang Mai SEO Conference next week. I hope to meet other digital entrepreneurs […]

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