November 2018

Welcome to another monthly review at Flexibility is Freedom!

I’ve decided to break this post into two sections:

  • Part 1 is a collection of my thoughts on affiliate marketing
  • Part 2 is a major update on my business venture

You can find the full text of part 1 in this separate blog post.

Part 2: Business Update

This month, I decided to broaden the scope of my niche site.

My original idea was to focus on acne scars.

However, after additional research, I’ve realized that this may be too narrow.

There’s a real risk of quickly outgrowing this topic.

So I made the decision to expand my scope to skincare disorders (including acne, scars, eczema, etc.) but start off with acne scars.

Here are the key reasons for this decision:

  • A niche-specific domain name (like or can boost SEO for your particular topic but limits growth potential outside that topic
  • Narrow niche sites tend to have a high concentration of traffic in 1-2 pages. This makes the business vulnerable to huge traffic swings when rankings change.


Here’s an example from

Note how 75% of traffic comes from just one page on this website!

My final reasons are:

  • Clickthrough rate: I worry that people who don’t have acne scars will be less likely to click on my site
  • Exit options: if I decided to sell my site down the road, it’d be worth more as a skincare site with growth potential compared to a super niche site

Next Steps

I’ve created a new site called The Derm Detective.

It will focus on science-based treatments for common skin disorders including acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, keratosis pilaris, eczema, etc.

So far, I’ve completed the branding and design, and have written 7 round-up review articles.

I’m almost 6 months into this passive income venture now.

While it did take me some time to learn the ropes and make a few pivots, I feel very confident about the prospects for this site.

In December and January, I will:

  • Continue writing content at a pace of 15+ articles per month
  • Start my first link building campaign in January

The 1-year goal for June 2019 remains the same and I’ve added one new goal:

  • Build 50+ backlinks to my site (helps drive SEO rankings)

Until next month!



November 2018 Income Report
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