June 2023

August 1, 2023

This month, I continued the renovations on my house - currently building out a shower - with a tentative plan to rent out another unit by September or October of this year.

Alas, with interest rates continuing to rise again (thanks, Tiff Macklem! 😒), I've had to make this decision in order to provide myself some breathing room as my mortgage payment keeps rising every month.

This month, I worked on a few initiatives, including:

  • Upgrading my internal reports from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4, as the old UA properties will no longer receive new data after June 30, 2023
  • Introducing Google Adsense's Auto-Ads to my website to test its earning potential, as well as its impact on user behavior, most notably - conversion rates, bounce rates (replaced by engagement rates in GA4), and overall profitability of each post
  • Fixed some technical issues with the site, such as shortcodes not working on archive pages

Key Metrics

  • Revenue: $1,907 (-5% MoM, +6% YoY)
  • Sessions: 17,569 (+2% MoM)
  • RPM: $108 (-7% MoM)
  • Amazon Risk: 77% (up from 71% last month)

Overall, not much change this month compared to last month. There was higher commission rates from Amazon for about 3 weeks of this month, which was roughly the same as in May.

To Flexibility and Freedom,


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