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August 2018

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein Thanks for joining me on my journey into passive income entrepreneurship! It's month two, which quite frankly, went by like a blur. I spent the first half […]

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July 2018

Thanks for joining me on my journey into passive income entrepreneurship! I've decided to write monthly (rather than weekly) reviews going forward. In these reviews, I'll provide an update on my business, evaluate my progress, and make plans for the future. But first, I want to express my sadness regarding the recent shootings in Toronto […]

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Week 2

What I did this week I published: My 1 Year Plan to Build a Passive Income Business I wrote my eBook outline: I began the research process: I visited a local library to read dermatology textbooks I completed week 6 of Athlean-X: I started this back in Sept 2016... no excuses now! I started drinking […]

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Week 1

What is this post? This is a weekly review that I will publish at the end of every week. I'll include notes on my progress, new ideas swimming in my head, and plans for the future. I'm experimenting with the frequency so this may turn into a biweekly or monthly review. Stay tuned! What I […]

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Blog Launch!

Hello World! This is my first post on Flexibility is Freedom. Here I share my experience building passive income businesses and designing my dream lifestyle. This blog serves two purposes: It provides readers a detailed case study of how to build a passive income business It helps me reflect on my goals and progress along […]

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