August 2022

October 14, 2022

(this income report was written later in October 2022)

Welcome back to Flexibility Is Freedom!

Astute observers will have noticed that the website was down for a few months - this was because I received an image copyright email demanding payment for a random image used on the blog.

Rather than go through the headache of dealing with these trolls (legitimate though they may be), I decided to pull the plug for a few months to see what happens.

This is also a good reminder for me to be careful of how much information I share online about myself and my business, because while most readers appreciate the insights of these income reports, there are always going to be "bad actors" and trolls of all sorts out there.

Anyways, we are back in action and I've uploaded the missing months of income reports as well, albeit with very short commentary sections.

Key Metrics

  • Revenue: $1,293 (-30% MoM, -16% YoY)
  • Sessions: 24,222 (+25% MoM)
  • RPM: $53 (-44% MoM)
  • Amazon Risk: 51% (down from 53% last month)

August performance was mixed and confusing at best.

Revenue took a 30% dip despite a 25% increase in traffic MoM. I analyzed the traffic more closely in Google Analytics and believe that most of the traffic increase was either low quality traffic or spam, as Google Search Console was not showing a similar increase.

The revenue dip was partly explained by a technical error with one of my merchant partners at ShareASale - the tracking technology failed to work for almost the entire month of August, until I noticed it and escalated the problem to ShareASale's support team.

Unfortunately, that means that I (and other affiliates) won't be compensated for any transactions that might have occurred during this time.

This month, I also had a great vacation with my family to British Columbia and Alberta. We explored Vancouver and drove along the TransCanada Highway 1 to Calgary, stopping at trails and some of the best national parks in Canada along the way.

To Flexibility and Freedom,


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